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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hiss hiss

I know everyone, It's been so long since I've blogged about anything. I guess it's because I think no one has been reading my blog so I figured why bother ? Oh well , now I feel like posting something because something INTERESTING happened a few nights ago.

One fine night, dad called the Jabatan Pertahanan Awam for some help.

They figured , what seems to be the problem on that night.

After my maid describing that she accidentally "stepped" on something slithery , turns out it was this little thing. A black cobra. Whaddya know. I think it's kinda cute , noh ?

Here's what they did after that

Friday, January 8, 2010

he makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

It's been a while since I've blogged. So here's the recent EXCITING thing I did. Went to Ne-Yo's concert at sunway lagoon. Honestly , I'm kinda tired of that place as the concert venue. I mean , I know it's cool and all to have Beachy type concert. But I'm sure there are other places. But surely not stadiums too.

Hariz and me waiting in line since 4:30pm. We only got in at about 7:30 tqverymuch.
Waitingg ... Vaining ...
Ma macho man

Phuture Phlow :) We were just only 4 rows from the front ;D
So after almost 3 hours of waiting. We got in and were entertained with some local act named Najwa. Not bad lah. But she sang like 5 songs -.- The crowd just got tired of her.

Oooooh there he is. Seriously, he's sooo good looking in concert.

Most of the time he kept his hat on.
Eiii, sexy nye

The VIP section were just beside us.

Us enjoying the night. Thanks B for for being there with me :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Pom pom

Remember I had this HUGE obsession over Snakes ? Mostly pythons. I guess , that obsession had to be thought of in reality because , well ; I aint never gonna get a snake. Not unless I have my own home and I'll be having my own snake lair. ngehehehe

NEVERTHELESS ! I like this new animal now ...

(Even though it's something that I totally still can't have , but hey , why not all you non-muslim followers get one ! It's soooo adorable !!!!)

Look at it ! Yesterday I was youtube-ing Pomeranian puppies and OH MY GOSH they're fucking cute ! Gaaaaaaaaaaaah , Veron, If you're reading this , GET ONE ! Then I'll come over your house just to come look at it. And maybe just have teeny-tiny pat on its head. Eiiiii , comel nya ! gaaah

I like Pomeranians now. But I guess the closest thing I can get to a pomeranian is this ,

My dear ol' Neatte. She's a cat. She does look somewhat like a Pomeranian.

I guess I'll have to put up with this one forever. Cute jugak lah kan ?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar and Pocahontas ?

I watched 2 movies yesterday. I mean , I've got to occupy myself with something right for the holidays before the year 2010 comes along. So, me and the family head down to GSC Signature in Gardens to watch ,

The Princess and the Frog

T'wasn't that bad . Watching Disney movies always made me feel happy again and calm. It's about time Disney came up a new princess. Let alone an African-American princess! (Not really a princess but well , most of the main character's are coloured) Anyway , after watching the movie I realised that well , a thought occured to me that "Since Obama became president , ANYTHING can happen" It's cool to see and African-American full length cartoon. And the song are very soulful. So overall , I give this movie an 8/10

2nd movie was ,


Kind of like better looking smurfs. Hahaha. In the beginning my sister told me that this movie was VERY similar to Disney's version of Pocahontas. Anyone remember that movie. So here are the similarities.

Neytiri is like the princess of the tribe somehow and is always considered of her feelings when it comes to what she wants and what she think is best for the Na'vi tribe.

Pocahontas here on the other hand is also the princess of the tribe and her feelings are also considered when it comes to whats best for her tribe aswell.
Aaaaaand , they BOTH have lovers NOT from their tribe and they ALSO have they're "mated partners aswell. Remember ,

Jake Sully which is white AND also not from the tribe.

Also John Smith which is ALSO white and not from the tribe. And how they both actually came here for something else which is the other side's natural resources and how they both in the end falls inlove with theer respective local girlfriends. This just keeps getting better.

I could show you more but I'll just put it in writing. So pocahontas had already had her partner chosen which was Kocoum which is everything a dude should be. Handsome , strong , a warrior and yeah stuff like that.
Naytiri also on the other hand had Tsu'Tey which was also handsome and a warrior of the tribe and was supposed to be with Naytiri in the first place.
But nooooo, the girls were neglegant.

Yeah , so there are more. But figure those out yourself. Till then toodles.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Boundaries

So it's almost been a week since my SPM was over and I think if I was somebody else , I guess I wouldn't like my behavior. Let alone if I were in my parent's shoes , I would so very very disagree with it. I don't know about you but , I've been someone who's been kind of a good child all along. I mean ,I didn't always go out at night , came back late , sneak out of the house and you know .. stuff like that. All that has changed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Is finally over for me. Thank god. No more suffering over whats that insurance for and what did this old guy did in 1957. Sheesh. The next thing im anticipating is in march. Which actually is when probably our results will come out . Mhmmmm. Now back to blogging. I dont have much to write now sooo , wait till I really do something interesting :)

Oh oh , the wildesst thing I done was gone out at 4pm and got back home at 1am. Went to kl. And spent the whole day with the boyfriend laaaa. Wheee. Ohkay bahbye now :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Standing by your window.

Im bored. But I'm not. Help me. 12 more days. AssPeeEmm. Relationship is in a very sucky state now.

I'm a very unhappy Bunny,
Where's my self destruct button.